In addition to international and domestic travel ticketing, in association with the Arts Council of Mongolia we offer access to an array of theatres, concert and event halls in Ulaanbaatar. As any other cosmopolitan city Ulaanbaatar has variety of events happening each month, but for inexperienced visitors, who are not familiar with the city it s difficult to navigate through these and pick the best functions to enjoy.

Travel Insurance

By buying travel insurance, you are not only buying something that can assist greatly should you find yourself in need, you are also buying some peace of mind — both for you, while you travel, and for your family and friends at home. Mongolian Corporate Travel has working relationship with all of the major insurance companies in Mongolia and offers great array of flexible single-trip and annual policies covering entire country as well as worldwide destinations. Renowned to offer excellent value for money, high quality assistance and a quick hassle-free buying process that allows you to buy insurance regardless of when you book your trip to Mongolia.


To explore the destination, to know all the details, to be secure during the trip and be happy with the trip and business – all these depends on the work of guides and interpreters who accompany guests during excursions or business meetings. Knowledge and experience of our guides and interpreters is a big draw of the company. Mongolian Corporate Travel provides licensed guides and translators for most of the wide spread languages.

Secretarial Service

We offer a full range of company secretarial support services for short time as well as long term. Mongolian Corporate Travel Secretarial team has over 10 years experience. We can provide personal assistants for the duration of your stay in Mongolia, or should you be interested in a more serious engagement in the country we have experience in setting up companies and providing all the services you would require to manage your company in Mongolia. Our pricing structure is flexible and reflects the fact that you will receive a bespoke service from qualified and trained staff who are familiar with your individual needs and the history of your company. You can choose the most cost-effective package to suit you from a range of services at offer.

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